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Disclaimer: This is unfinished and unsupported software, and is only to be run at your own risk.

MacFDTD is (for all I know) the only silicon layout and simulation program available for the Macintosh OS X platform.
At the moment, it is incomplete and in somewhere in the alpha-beta stage of development, but I would like to get some feedback, so its been posted as it is.

  • There IS documentation included in the help file. There are also some tooltips for iconed buttons.
  • If at first, clicking doesn't work, just click again. Some things will not work on the first click due to widget focus issues
  • When looking at the index profile, clicking on the image will switch to the permeability profile. Clicking again will switch to the conductivity profile, then one more click to switch back again
  • GDSII export support works, and can now export circles and ellipses
  • There is now initial GDSII importing! Paths and boundaries support should be quite functional.
  • The simulation engine is now connected, but does not properly handle some sources and materials (with mu's and sigma's)
  • But, it can now much more accurately simulate varying refractive indexes, and profiles no longer have jagged edges
  • Simulations can be interruted before completion, and any simulation can be saved or continued later.
  • The equations and variables system DOES work, and variables may be used in x, y, width, height, index, permeability, and wavelength boxes
  • Equations now have support for the basic trig functions: sin(x), cos(x), and tan(x).
  • There is now a snap-to-grid feature, and the option to revert to a cursor after drawing an object. For layout, the grid spacing can now be adjusted, and the view auto-fit to your objects.
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste also work, as well as Undos for simulation and shape configuration changes.
  • Shape layout is now scriptable! Layers, loops, nested loops, any shape, the whole deal can now be created or modified en-masse (good for photonic crystals).
  • There is a new plugin system for analyzing the results of numerical sensors, and included is a basic E-field plotter plugin and text-file data exporter.
Download MacFDTD Beta 0.8 Demo file with a circular reflector
To use the demo file, open it, then create a new simulation. Click on the simulation, and hit "Simulate".
Demo layout script
To use the script, open the script editor, and use the "Import Script" button. You must be focused on a layout to run scripts. Note that the shapes created are not an actual photonic crystal, merely an example of how to use a layout script to easily create many shapes at once. To control the diameter of the crystal elements, create a variable named 'd', and give it a value.
ISA is an acronym for "Infinite State Automata." Lots of researchers believe that FSA (finite state automata) are a parallel for many complex biological systems, including intelligent systems, which I consider to have infinite possibilities, thus the title.
Since this is a topic of scientific interest for me, it will always be incomplete in some way.

  • Currently supports 1, 2, and 3-dimensional FSA, though only 1 and 2-dimensional automata can be properly visualized.
  • The default automata rules are John Conway's Game of Life.
  • The map wraps around on the sides, and zooming out will show repetitions.
  • This has been somewhat performance optimized.
  • Search functionality is included, and is even optimized for any non-trivial search. (command-click and drag)
  • Option-click to change the rule for an individual cell.
  • Have fun with the randomizers!
  • Lots of future developments on the way, many being research-oriented.
Download ISA Beta 0.5 (10.3-compatible)
Download ISA Beta 0.6 (Universal Binary)
SnoozeRun is a simple program to run applescripts automatically when a Mac sleeps or wakes up. Why applescripts? Because applescripts can run programs, mess with GUI elements, and also do shell operations. Personally, I wrote it because OS X wont properly share an internet connection when it sleeps/wakes.

  • New: easy point-n-click script selecting.
  • Only works when SnoozeRun is running.
  • Keeps your script entries between runs.
  • Just hide it (apple-H) if you don't want to see the app window.
Download SnoozeRun 0.6 (Universal Binary)

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